About us

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Terry JP Arsenault

Terry is co-founder of Christian Art Creations. Much of the design and functionality of the site comes from Terry's technical and creative skills.

Terry is a graphite pencil and wood sculpture artist.

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Teresa M Arsenault

Teresa is co-founder of Christian Art Creations. Her imagination fueled the idea and she handles everything text-related on the site.

Teresa is a watercolour and encaustic artist, as well as an author of several books.

Our Mission

The Thriving Christian Artist Podcast


We were featured on Matt Tommey's Thriving Christian Artist podcast (Episode 327) and You Tube channel on March 1, 2022.

What a thrill it was to sit down with Matt (on Zoom) for a personal interview and conversation.

Matt is a great guy with a big heart for God and creative Christians. Matt is author of several books, has a thriving art business, holds annual conferences for Christian artists and has a dynamic, interactive online mentoring program.


We've enjoyed the benefits of Matt's Artist Mentoring program since 2019 and attribute much of our success to his wise encouragement and guidance.