Is Christian Art Creations only for religious art, literature, and products?


No. Christian Art Creations is more about the people who create than the products they create. We believe a landscape painting, macrame wall hanging, romance novel, or a pair of mittens lovingly created, can reflect the glory of God.



Can people from other religions subscribe to Christian Art Creations.


The short answer is no. While we respect the right of every individual to believe whatever they choose, we are a niche market. Shoppers who come to Christian Art Creations are looking specifically for products created by Christians.



How do I subscribe to Christian Art Creations?


On the home page, click on the menu bar or any of the "Membership" buttons (there are 2). You will be taken to the application form and asked to answer 4 simple questions. You will be notified when your membership is approved, with further instructions to get you started.




Is membership to Christian Art Creations expensive?


No. One of our main goals in setting up Christian Art Creations was to make it affordable for everyone. Also, as a start-up company, we want those rates to be extremely attractive so we can quickly build our community of artists, authors, and artisans. On top of that, your first month is on us, with no obligation to continue.


Co-founders, Terry & Teresa Arsenault, answer these questions and more in a 15-minute video on YouTube.

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