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Sara D. Woodcox
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Sara D. Woodcox, (Sara Dawn) writes and illustrates fun, rhyming children’s stories.  As she read books to her first child, Sara decided to channel her own creativity into children’s books, with stories inspired by everyday life.  Encouraged by her husband to keep her books simple, Sara’s first project became a collection of 20 short, sweet and rhyming stories... Ten Second Stories.  Since this endeavor, Sara went on to self-publish full-length children’s titles, continuing with a fun, rhyming theme.  As the books attracted onlookers at craft fairs and customer requests for personalizations were made, Sara happily began modifying the full-length titles to be easily personalized.  Today, Sara’s books continue to generate interest in Canada and the US.

Personalized childrens' book. Let your child be the star of the story!

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